Amber Rose Finds Love With MGK!

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Amber Rose Finds Love With MGK3

Rumors have been swirling more than a candy cane over Amber Rose’s new flame! Rose has been spotted all over getting quite cozy with hip hop artist MGK aka Machine Gun Kelly. By the looks of things it looks like these too are seriously into each other!

Amber has hinted at a romance between the two and we could not be happier for her. Rose has been the target of quite a few unfriendly memes on social media indicating that all she is a great body which cannot seem to keep a man. Moreover, who can forget the recent twitter war with Amber revealing details regarding one of famous exes. Well, Amber is getting the last laugh because she has a new man who adores her. We wish you the best Amber and all ladies in this game of love.

Amber Rose Finds Love With MGK Amber Rose Finds Love With MGK2