Fall Hair Trends: Alexander Wang Fall 2018 - The Banana Clip

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Alexander Wang Fall 2018

Will the boss ladies please stand up? The Alexander Wang Fall 2018 collection is a modern, yet throwback to the working lady of the 80s. Strong, success-driven, lover of excess and of course, ultra chic!

Nonetheless, no collection is complete without hair and fabulous makeup. For the show, Wang complimented his stunning looks with one simple, but quite noticeable accessory. The banana clip.

Fall Hair Trends: Alexander Wang Fall 2018 – The Banana Clip

Alexander Wang Fall 2018

A hair clip, that’s high fashion? Oh yes, dear! What we love most about this hairstyle and hair accessory combo is that it really exemplifies the attitude of a boss. An entrepreneur is usually busy, attending meetings, running around town and just simple handling things. With that kind of work load sometimes the best one can do is throw their hair in a pony or topknot and call it a day. As a side note, you might also want to try alligator hair clips!

Alexander Wang Fall 2018

Alexander pulls from this business aspect and translates it into a smooth, sophisticated hairstyle. The model’s in the runway show tresses were pulled back with the front kept super slick. After that the now signature silver AW clip was added into the hair mix.

Alexander Wang Fall 2018 – Get the Look

To create this sleek do the Wang Gang called upon the expertise of Redken. Therefore, in order to get the official scoop we went right to the brand. In regards to the runway look and product used Redken reveals,

“This just in the claw clip is back. Redken Global Creative Director, Guido Palau, placed sleek ponytails in sliver clips at Alexander Wang as a nod to the 80s. Guido used Satinwear 04 to blow dry the hair; smoothed hair back with Mess Around 10, and set styles with Forceful 23.”

Hair Notes: One other cool thing we observed about this hair look is the use of double clips. Two AW silver clips were used for the models that had thicker or longer strands. This is a neat trick for curly girls who would like to try this out, but have a lot of volume. By utilizing multiple accessories this style can still be achieved.

Alexander Wang Fall 2018

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Alexander Wang Fall 2018