Ask and Tell: Nicki Minaj Wearing Alexander Wang Fall 2017 Boots

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Alexander Wang 2017 Boots

The Item: Nicki Minaj Wearing Alexander Wang Fall 2017 Boots. Nicki was spotted in her stylish boot heels in a number of locales including on a private jet.

You Asked: HELPPPPP! I’m searching and nothing is turning up!!! I don’t understand what is going on with these boots? Nicki had them on and I know the designer. It’s Alexander Wang but I can’t find them or a price anywhere? What gives?! Do you have any information that can help me with this?

Ask and Tell: Nicki Minaj Wearing Alexander Wang Fall 2017 Boots

Alexander Wang Fall 2017 Boots

The Verdict: Hello there, thank you for the message. Well, if you found yourself searching high and low as well as in every crevice of the Internet looking for Nicki’s boots, you are not alone. Actually, the truth is you won’t find them anywhere online… at least for now.

Moreover, you are very correct when it comes to the designer behind Minaj’s chic boot heels. Nicki is in fact rocking Alexander Wang. By the looks of things these would be the Eri Boots, not the ankle boot versions, but the thigh high design. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the Eri’s Nicki has on is from the Alexander Wang Fall 2017 collection, which is not yet available for purchase.

Alexander Wang Fall 2017 Boots

Nicki’s boots come as a huge fashion surprise because during the actually Fall 2017 fashion show thigh high Eri Boots were not apart of the show. The models wore sleek leggings coupled with the studded Ankle Eri boots. Moreover, this could be another reason why these shoes are so hard to find.

Therefore, currently there is no price available for Nicki’s Boots. However, we can report that the ankle boot design that closely resembles Nicki’s retails for $850. Furthermore, other AW thigh boots seem to be in the $800-$995 price range. So hopefully that can kind of give you a quick idea about cost.

Alexander Wang Fall 2017 Boots

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Alexander Wang Fall 2017 Boots Alexander Wang 2017 Boots