Ask and Tell: Tyra Banks' Alex and Chloe Supermodel Beanie

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Alex and Chloe Supermodel Beanie

The Item: Tyra Banks’ Alex and Chloe Supermodel Beanie. The America’s Got Talent star and of course, supermodel was spotted in the item at this year’s Beautycon in Los Angeles, California.

You Asked: Hi please answer your DM! I know I sent a message earlier but I want to make sure that you see this. My question is about Tyra Bank’s hat and wear it is from. I have been all over Instagram trying to find it and no one is talking about it at all. All anyone is saying is how young she looks, which she does but I NEED THAT HAT! Do you guys have any clue wear it is from? If you know please tell me and the cost please.

Ask and Tell: Tyra Banks’ Alex and Chloe Supermodel Beanie

Alex and Chloe Supermodel Beanie

The Verdict: We agree Tyra is forever youthful which is why she can pull off such a hat. Moreover, rest easy we know who designs it! Tyra Bank’s graphic beanie is from fashion label, Alex and Chloe. If searching for it online look up “Alex and Chloe Supermodel Beanie.”

The super cute beanie is actually apart of an entire Supermodel collection. So if you would like to add a shirt into all the fun (Tyra has worn one before too) they are available. The beanie retails for around $46, however, currently there is a bit of bad news. Right now it looks as though it is out of stock. However, keep checking online because oftentimes companies will restock a hot ticket item.

Alex and Chloe Supermodel Beanie

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