African American Skin Care Products- Beneficial Melanin-Stabilizing Ingredients in AVYA Skincare!

African American Skin Care Products
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African American Skin Care Products

African American Skin Care Products are really beginning to dive into the REAL skin woes women and men of color have been dealing with for decades. How? By means of nourishing melanin-stabilizing ingredients to keep skin supple and healthy.

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Moreover, when it comes to deeper skin tones; some of the most critical skin concerns globally for all ethnicities include: pigment irregularity, melasma, age spots, and uneven complexion. What does this mean? It means that melanin is not in it’s healthiest condition.

According to Dr. Tanuj Nakra, Indian Cosmetic Surgeon and the co-founder of AVYA Skincare; (a beauty brand aiming to build global skin diversity by using ingredients that also target the melanin pathway); it’s important to use thoughtful skincare ingredients in your regimen that focuses on melanin health. In order to produce even-toned skin with increased radiance.

African American Skin Care Products

Nevertheless, every human on this planet has melanin. What differs is the amount and subtype of melanin in one’s skin. Therefore, when looking for ingredients that help improve melanin health, look to AVYA Skincare.

For a list of powerful melanin-stabilizing ingredients, see below.

African American Skin Care Products – AVYA Products, The Real Deal

African American Skin Care Products

When shopping around for skincare products for melanin skin you should also always look for a few key ingredients. The list below will give you a good idea on the types of ingredients that will make your skin beautiful; and why they are able to achieve it.

Melanin-Stabilizing Ingredients to Look For + AVYA Products:

Vitamin C – One of the most potent agents for optimizing melanin health by regulating the melanin pathway to produce smooth, even distribution of melanin throughout the skin.

Turmeric – A powerful anti-inflammatory agent that reduces skin irritation that can cause pigment irregularity.

Niacinamide – Has numerous skin benefits, including strong regulation of melanin transfer to the skin cells. Furthermore, niacinamide has also been shown clinically to be one of the most powerful skin pigment control agents.

Retinoids/Vitamin A – A tried and true family of molecules that help to turn over the superficial dead skin cell layers. Additionally, by doing so, irregular pigmentation is shed along with fine wrinkles, allowing for smoother and even-toned skin.


Therefore, are you ready to try out some amazing skincare products for melanin skin? Great! Check out this must-have products.

Anti-Aging Power Serum w/ Vitamin C $110

Night Moisturizer w/ Vitamin A and Niacinamide $95

African American Skin Care Products

Eye Bright Cream w/ Turmeric $75

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