SPOTTED: Yara Shahidi Newest Aerie Real Role Model

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Aerie Real Role Model

Clothing brand, Aerie, is saying a big fat N-O to body shaming and negative body image. The fashion label is promoting real girl power with the implementation of the Aerie Real movement. Best of all? One of the most amazing members of Young Hollywood has signed on! So official… Freeform’s Grown-Ish Yara Shahidi Newest Aerie Real Role Model!

SPOTTED: Yara Shahidi Newest Aerie Real Role Model

What is this new movement? Well, for years the fashion industry as come under fire for utilizing images of mainly one body type/shape in order to sell their designs. Additionally, magazine photo-retouching has also hit the guillotine for claims of making young women feel less than pleased with their bodies.

Aerie Real Role Model

Nevertheless, this backlash has lead to positive changes. Models in some places are not allowed to be underweight and many designers have presented collections using curvaceous models. Furthermore, Aerie is seeking to do their part to help their consumers feel confident and simply great. Aerie explains,

“We are taking the Aerie Real movement to the next level, and you’re coming with us! No retouching. Body positivity. Girl power.

Introducing Aerie Real Role Models! Joining our original role model in body positive after this Iskra is singer-songwriter Rachel Platten, actress Yara Shahidi and gold medal gymnast Aly Raisman. Each of these amazing women inspires us, just like each of you inspires us and empowers those around you every single day.

Therefore, this is women supporting women; this is empowerment. This is Aerie Real!”

Yara Shahidi Newest Aerie Real Role Model

Why Yara? For the Aerie brand the choice was a total no-brainer. In a recent statement the brand revealed all beginning with a quote from the actress, stating,

“‘I love supporting movements that help perpetuate this idea of rising together.’ Yari Shahidi is an actress and thought leader. And her Gapyear before attending college, Yara is furthering her own creative projects and using her strong voice to support movements that matter. For increasing voter turnout in the 2018 midterms to empowering young people to get involved in social causes focus on human well-being.”

Yara also had a few thoughts on why she is happy to be apart of the Aerie family. She says,

“I stand for what I believe in. Excited to join Aerie as a new Aerie Real Role Model. Let’s keep empowering each other. Let’s continue to create spaces where we can be our authentic, real selves.”

Aerie Real Role Model

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