Achieving the Dream: 6 Tips to Reach Your Goals Once and For All!

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Achieving the Dream

I’m going to finish school! I will buy a house! I’m going to jumpstart that business! I will get in the best shape ever! Sound familiar? Achieving the dream may seem fantastic and attainable at the beginning of the year; however, for most, weeks and months later they find they are still stuck at square one.

What happened? Life. We get busy, changes occur or things just don’t go our way. Regardless, of what the background story or reason may be; our dreams and accomplishing goals never disappear into thin air. We still want to stretch out our hand as far as it will go to scoop them up, but sometimes we don’t always get there in one try.

Actually, you will be comforted to know that MOST people will experience “failure” or “setbacks” before they reach the success they are after. Nonetheless, is it really a failure if we try yet don’t succeed? Of course not!

Achieving the Dream: 6 Tips to Reach Your Goals Once and For All

Achieving the Dream

You can still get what you want and to where you want to be, it just means you may have to start fresh. A little reboot if you will. Here’s 6 tips that can help you reach your dreams even after starting over.

  1. Think of your dream as the overall objective. Set 2-3 smaller, reasonable goals that will help you to reach that particular objective. For instance, if your objective is to get into shape; your goals may include: walking 3 times a week, doing resistance training twice a week and to cut out soda completely. By doing those three things consistently you will certainly notice a change and get closer if not attain your objective.
  2. Buy a planner or calendar. These nifty tools will help you to not only stay organized but be accountable. You’ll be able to schedule tasks that will help keep you focused daily, weekly and monthly.
  3. Make a list of things that waste your time. Try to eliminate at least one of them. Wasting time on unimportant tasks is one of the biggest reasons people lose their focus and get off track.
  4. Leave the past in it’s rightful place … the past. Mistakes happen, things get overwhelming and restructure may be in order. The key is not to allow anything to throw you off. Let your history be just that as well as a learning lesson as to what worked and did not work so well.
  5. Be willing to embrace change and try new things. Doing the same routine and act will only yield the same old results. So if you want to start fresh and achieve a new ending you must aim to step out of your comfort zone and try out new things as well as tactics.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up for starting fresh or over. Embrace the process and realize that it’s persistence and consistency that will make you successful.

Achieving the Dream: 6 Tips to Reach Your Goals Once and For All -Final Words

Achieving the Dream

Think of achieving the dream as a baseball game. A player steps up to bat. The pitcher hurls the ball and the player takes a swing. Miss. Pitcher changes up his pitch style when throwing the ball for a second time and the player up to bat swings again. Another miss.

Now let’s say the third pitch is different from the first two and the pitcher throws this one with all of his might. The player batting takes a final swing. A HOME RUN! Now do you think the batting player or the crowd is upset that the home run took a few tries?

Of course, they don’t care! They are still just as excited as they would be if it had happened sooner or later in the game. So then, never get upset if it takes you a few tries in order to get where you want to be.

That’s just how the game of life is. Sometimes we get it right the first time, and at other times we might have to wait till our next turn.

Achieving the Dream

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