Achieving Goals: Draya Michele Talks Modeling and Career Motivation

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Achieving Goals

Achieving goals in business is like climbing the highest, most treacherous mountain in the world. You will have to stop and think about where you are going. Most likely you will also make several mistakes. Moreover, once you think you have things going smooth a storm out of nowhere can knock you off track.

As a result, one thing is for sure, some will make it to the top and others will not. It takes drive, ambition and tons of motivation to be a success. Model, designer and reality star Draya Michele knows a thing or two about reaching goals and navigating the pits of entrepreneurship. She recently opened up about past and new challenges. If you are looking to strike it out on your own then the best thing you can do is listen to a fellow peer.

Achieving Goals: Draya Michele Talks Modeling and Career Motivation

It’s all about motivation. How does Draya feel about working toward achieving goals? She says,

“For years I’ve dabbled into what I thought was the only form of modeling I could do. Years ago, I would send my pictures to men’s magazines and pray they thought I had what it takes. Needless to say, my goals weren’t set very high but they were MY goals.

I didn’t fit into the magazines I wanted to be in. I was skinny and not stereotypically sexy, but I still wanted it. A few editors, photographers and music video directors gave me a shot. It was only temporarily satisfying. I wanted more.

It’s so many years later and I’ve matured and I believe I’ve figured out what makes me special. Besides being ambitious and business savvy, I’m not a traditionally beautiful girl. Most of my compliments come when I’m photographed in a bikini. I’ve been told I have a long neck and bird like features. [However] I haven’t been told these things by anyone who has actually mattered yet.

The people that I want to work with see a different side of me. The side of me that sees my face photographed and the way I feel inside looking at the photos. To a lot of people, I seem to have “made it”… but to myself, I still have goals. Things I want to do that people have been telling me for years that I couldn’t.

These blocked opportunities are one of the driving forces in my life. I couldn’t ask for something so motivating, something that’s earned and not a handout. I’m saying all of this to let you know, no matter what position you are in or level in life, it’s okay to want more. Goals and determination make us real.”

Achieving Goals

Achieving Goals- In Conclusion

Do you think you can continue moving forward despite hearing the word, “No.” Will you take the initiative to make your own path even if that means coming out your shell? Draya not only found herself, but she put herself out there which in turn helped her locate her true motivation.

When the going gets tough in business you will need to dig deep and tap into the fuel that truly moves you upward as well as onward. For Michele it is blocked opportunities, for you it could be something very different. Nevertheless, if you wish to succeed, always achieving goals then stay consistent and dedicated. Your own conviction, your own goals and your own purpose will get you there every time.

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