Accessories Insider: Tassel Lace Cuff Rings From Lace by Tanaya

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If all else fails, ladies there is always fringe. As a result, we spy with our fashion eye a hot accessories trend that can easily transition from the runway into your real world wardrobe. Therefore, get in on the look that even the queen of the Beyhive loves. Slip on a fabulous set of Tassel Lace Cuff Rings from Lace by Tanaya!

Accessories Insider: Tassel Lace Cuff Rings From Lace by Tanaya

Want to add edginess to your jewelry collection this coming spring? Get the style job done by incorporating fringe. Fringe details were seen all over the catwalk during designer spring fashion shows. In addition to tops as well as shoes, several couture pieces incorporated the fringe trend. Brands such as Baja East and Alexander Wang both included tasseled looks. Wang even sent down tasseled sneakers that became a big hit with shoe fanatics.

Now you can move this same look over into the jewelry world. Queen Bey, CFDA’s 2016 Fashion Icon while on vacation showcased just how hot tassled jewels can make an outfit. She wore Tassel Lace Cuff Rings from Lace by Tanaya. Lace by Tanaya is a luxury brand that designs sexy, yet sophisticated body jewelry. Moreover, these exquisite gems are created for the woman that exudes confidence and a healthy dose of sass. Lace by Tanaya collections contain jewelry that uses both semi-precious (brass plated, crystal) and precious (solid gold, diamonds) jewels.

Beyonce’s chic ring retails for $50 and comes in gold and silver. This brass ring is plated in 24K gold with lace and flower detailing. Shop the look now by clicking here.

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