Zendaya To Star/Produce A White Lie- 1st Black Woman to Graduate From Vassar

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A White Lie

She may already have a new film coming to a theater near you, however, that is not slowing Zendaya Coleman down one bit! The actress/singer is beginning work on a brand new project entitled, A White Lie, that will tell the tale of the first black woman to graduate from a top private college. Furthermore, A White Lie, will not just star the budding superstar, but Zendaya is also set to produce the flick as well. Ugh… Girl crush goals unlocked!

Zendaya To Star and Produce A White Lie- 1st Black Woman to Graduate From Vassar

The premise of A White Lie is the story of a young woman by the name of Anita Hemmings, who was able to beat the odds and attain the goal of higher learning. The catch? Hemmings came from a line of slaves and wished to attend Vassar during the 1890s. The only way for Anita to achieve this feat during this particular time period was if she could pass as a white woman.

A White Lie

Does she succeed? Sorry loves no spoilers here because the story is just too good. You will just have to see the film! Okay… honestly, if you don’t want to know yet, stop reading after the next paragraph. If you are a free movie spirit press on!

This upcoming movie on Anita Hemmings is based on the book, The Gilded Years, by Karin Tanabe. Zendaya is producing A White Lie along with actress Reese Witherspoon and company, Hello Sunshine. The script will be written by writer, Monica Beletsky.

A White Lie – Reese With the Deets

Witherspoon recently took to social media to talk about the new film. She says,

“Every day with these women is even more inspiring than the last! Can’t wait to share our new project, A White Lie, with you very soon. Zendaya will produce and star as the first African-American woman to graduate from Vassar. Monica Beletsky will write the script and Hello Sunshine will produce. What a team and what a story.”

A White Lie

As you wait for this captivating true story to come to life you can still catch Miss Daya on the big screen. She stars opposite Zac Efron as trapeze artist, Anne Wheeler, in the “The Greatest Showman.”

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A White Lie