A Big Upset in the NFL – Week 11

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nfl week 11-2014


I have to start with the obvious upset of the week, the St. Louis Rams handled the Denver Broncos on both sides of the ball resulting in a 22 -7 loss. Peyton Manning often looked rattled and two of his teammates were rattled for sure; Emmanuel Sanders went out with a concussion and Julius Thomas went down with a sprained ankle. Having lost two of his best weapons, Peyton Manning did not look like the self-assured, confident quarterback we are used to seeing.

However, I thought it was kind of crazy that during the post-game press conference reporters repeatedly asked him about he felt getting two of his best players hurt. The man had already lost to the Rams for crying out loud and now he has to keep answering the same dumb question about two of his guys getting jacked up on the field? What do you think he is going to say, “That sucks for them but hey that’s life?” None of those idiots should get paid for that kind of shabby and useless “reporting”, but kudos to Peyton for keeping his cool and repeatedly expressing his regret over his teammates getting injured.


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Generally if one Manning brother loses the other one wins but sadly, Eli joined big brother Peyton in the “L” column. It seemed to me that the Giants could have and should have beaten out the 49ers, but instead they continually shot themselves in the foot with stupid mistakes, including Eli’s five, count em, five interceptions.

Even in the final minutes of the game they had opportunities to try to take the lead but no one stepped up to make a play. They stunk up the joint and it really is not surprising that they are 3-7. Clearly, completely changing the offense during the offseason backfired on the decision-makers and now the Giants are going to have to figure out how to fix this mess that is entirely of their own making.

Good luck to GM Jerry Reese with that.

Seattle meanwhile doesn’t even look like a shell of itself this season. They are not playing anywhere near the level they did last year in all three phases of the game. They played tough against the Kansas City Chiefs but still came up short, so now they are sitting in third place in their division and dangerously close to not making the playoffs.

If they don’t want to become the next victims of the Super Bowl Hangover they better get their act together and fast.

The Patriots were the underdogs going into the game against the Colts; everyone said they don’t play well on the road so they were bound to lose to the high-flying offense of Andrew Luck. Well the critics were somewhat correct because Tom Brady didn’t play particularly well in the first half, throwing two head-scratching interceptions.

However, even with Brady not at his best, it didn’t matter because the Patriots were able to run the ball with undrafted, unknown running back Jonas Gray. He ran for four touchdowns and had no negative run plays. Pretty impressive stuff, but I’m sure the win will be downplayed and excuses will be made as to why the Colts didn’t win. That’s fine because the Patriots are on to Detroit.

Lastly, I have to give another shout out to my guy, J.J. Watt; there is nothing that he can’t do. However, I’m still not completely convinced he had a touchdown as it looked to me that his knee was not all the way down when he rolled out of bounds. Oh well, since it’s J.J., I won’t make a fuss about it.
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