6 Stylish Updos For Long Hair

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When picturing glamorous events, most people will picture women donning stylish dresses and high end, uniquely designed accessories. Men are pictured dressed in tailored suits and stunning ties to truly match the elegant, upscale mood of these exclusive events.

The majority of women who attend these special occasions have something in common – they sport sleek updos that make them look incredible during these events.

Yes, those trendy updos are typically the work of professional stylists, but as a woman sporting the updo you have the option to decide what looks will truly suit you the most. Once your stylist works on your hair, you can opt to accept the style or you can request changes to get exactly what you desire.

In most cases, you will likely be satisfied by your stylist’s efforts.

Have you ever wondered why this is the case? Stylists are successful thanks to their experience and skill regarding the art of framing various facial features.

When you start to plan out your unique updo, you need to ask yourself “Is this style going to suit my  facial features?” After you answer this question, the rest of the process is easy to tackle.

Here are some tips regarding choosing an updo that compliments your unique facial shape:

Oval Shaped Faces – Oval shaped faces are considered ideal because they allow you to pull off a huge variety of updos. Ladies with oval faces can show off their entire facial shape. Enjoy this benefit by sporting an updo that keeps all of your hair pulled back.

Oval Face Updo

Round Faces – If you have a round face, you will want to minimize attention on your cheeks and ears. In order to do this, choose an updo that focuses on your crown area. Consider an updo that piles your hair elegantly, perhaps in curls, on the top of your head.

Janet-Jackson-round face updo

Heart Shaped Faces – Ladies with this facial shape tend to have a wider forehead and an angled chin. To balance out these contrasting features, try sporting a half updo. Leave some of your hair flowing down your back in order to balance attention. You can also consider sporting bangs to reduce attention to your forehead.

Wedding-Hairstyles-for-Black-Women-Updo-Heart Shaped

Pear Shaped Faces – Pear shaped faces feature a petite forehead and a wider jaw. You will want to balance this look out by sporting an updo that draws attention to your forehead. Or, try framing your face with loose tendrils to minimize the look of your jaw.

Fantasia-updo pear shaped face

Square Shaped Faces – Ladies with sharp jaws and angular brow lines fall into this category. In order to soften the look of these lines, a curly, but loose style is an ideal solution. You can sport a curly updo while leaving small, delicate tendrils down to frame your face.

jada-pinkett-smith-curly-updo squared shaped face