5 Ways to Help Curb Your Hunger

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5 Ways to Help Curb Your Hunger2

Okay ladies, summer is seven months away and by making some changes now you can have an eye-popping body when things really heat up! One problem that many struggle with when it comes to weight loss is diet. Especially, here in the states where portions are enormous and are like eating 3 meals in one setting.

Nevertheless, beyond learning the correct portion size at mealtime just getting to the point of eating less can be challenging. On paper losing weight is quite simple, burn more calories than you take in or consume. With that being said, are there any tips that will make diet less stressful? Of course darlings, here are 5 ways to help curb your hunger!

5 Ways to Help Curb Your Hunger

  1. She Eats Carbs!– In The Devil Wears Prada carbs was a sin, but when it comes to feeling full longer you are going to want to partake in some fiber. Fiber found in whole grains, seeds,nuts, veggies and fruits like apples will help fill that bottomless pit of a belly quicker helping you consume less.
  2. Water Baby– Take a clue from an old toy and make sure that you are FULL of water. Dehydration is a major culprit for overeating because the body increases hunger pangs in order to try to tempt you to drink more and rehydrate.
  3. Cool Like a Cucumber– Tough exams, work projects and gaining a zit before picture day can make any gal throw her hands up in protest. However, remaining calm is the best answer to not overeating when stressful situations occur. Stress can cause a hormone known as Cortisol that will make you hungry. Go for a jog, dance, comment under Drake’s muscle pics or anything else that helps you feel at peace.
  4. Be a Regulator– This may sound like you are getting ready to drop the hardest LP of 2016, but nope its just suggesting you regulate your blood sugar. If you don’t then you will crave more food which could result in you guessed it, more weight gain. How can this regulation be achieved? Eat fiber/proteins and drink plenty of H2O.
  5. So Trashy– The best way to curb cravings is to get rid of the bad foods that you crave regularly. If that is too tough try buying snacks that come in small packages instead of the larger bags or boxes.

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5 Ways to Help Curb Your Hunger3