3 Most Important Tips to Applying Falsies

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3 Most Important Tips to Applying Falsies

There is not one Instagram famous lady who doesn’t know her way around a tube a glue and a pair of falsies. False eyelashes have definitely come more in vogue due to the birth of the selfie, yet applying as well as getting them to stay in their lane can be a bit tricky. If you would rather avoid looking like a distant cousin of Cruella Deville, here are the 3 most important tips you should keep in mind when applying those falsies!

  1. The Right Fit- Like a pair of jeans if the fit isn’t right you are in for one uncomfortable ride. Always make sure before gluing that the lash strip fits your lash line. Everyone has different eye shapes and lashes right out of the packaging will not always be the correct length. Therefore, it is essential to trim lashes to ensure that the strip does not extend past the outer corners of the lash line.
  2. Wet is bad, Dry is Good- One of the main reasons that falsies come off is because they were applied to lids that were not clean surfaces. This means that concealer and shadow can not be in the way either. Such products can create a barrier between lash strips and the skin causing the adhesive to not work its magic thus making the strips lift. Always ensure that skin is completely dry or free of products that may get in the way of the glue being able to attach the lashes properly.
  3. Less is More- It may be tempting to use more adhesive thinking that more product will equal more strength and staying power, but do not be fooled. Your face is not a 3rd grade science project and all that excess adhesive will most likely look like one big excessive mess. Always dab on a thin layer of glue beginning with the inner corner that will rest the closest to your nose. If you tend to add too much glue when you are free-handing it with the tube of glue, try applying adhesive to the lash strip using a Q-tip. The cotton swab will help to prevent too much adhesive from being applied to the falsies.

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3 Most Important Tips to Applying Falsies2