3 Hair Oils That You Should Be Using

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Sadly, most products on the market today that are specifically for black hair can have an adverse effect on tresses. I repeat, many of the hair products that are for black women do not improve the condition of the consumer’s hair. The problem: These products contain harmful ingredients that can strip strands of their moisture, clog the scalp, which all may inhibit hair growth.

This can be quite a scary realization, but this knowledge should push us to request more and more products that are efficient, but most importantly healthy for our hair. For example, there are pomades as well as moisturizers that contain petroleum oil. That is like taking mounds of Vaseline and styling it into your tresses. Can you just imagine how much that could weigh down your hair and plug up your scalp? Moreover, many women use such products daily and unknowingly are working against their locks.

Therefore, what is the solution to keeping black hair healthy if so many products are damaging? It takes doing a little detective work and being a little more selective in what products you should buy. Learn which ingredients are bad for your tresses, then seek out products that do not contain them.

Black hair needs moisture due to the fact that it tends to be dry. So then, purchasing hair oils would be an advantageous buy. 3 hair oils that you should be using because they are great for black women are:




So then, always do your homework, never buy harmful products and you will be rewarded with a beautiful head of hair!

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