24 Carat Beats By Dre Headphones Modeled By Naomi Campbell

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How do you make headlines after becoming a billionaire? Dr. Dre is definitely the man to ask because he has made the news yet again thanks to his lucrative Beats By Dre collection. All that was needed were a pair of headphones, the world cup and one smoking hot model.

The most expensive Beats By Dre headphones on the planet Earth were modeled by the biggest supermodel in the world, Naomi Campbell. Just how much dough was behind these stunning headphones? Well, to put things into perspective they were designed and created using 24 carat gold. Now that is definitely music to our ears! Everyone altogether now…”Ballin.”

 Fun Fact: Dr Dre. congratulated the World Cup winners with the special edition golden headphones.

Fashion Notes: Naomi Campbell is wearing a Tom Ford dress accessorized with Louboutin shoes.

Naomi Campbell Beats By Dr Dre Gold Headphones