2019 Grammys Motown Tribute -Smoky Robinson and Stars Discuss Impact

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2019 Grammys Motown Tribute

She shook, she shimmied and even hit some duets; (y’all know you peeped host Alicia Keys sliding out for Papa Was a Rolling Stone). However, before Jennifer Lopez took the stage for the 2019 Grammys Motown Tribute; we were there to find out how the stars feel deep down in general about the tribute. Why is such honoring important? Also, how did the Motown era really change the face of the entire music industry?

We set out on our mission to talk to the likes of the iconic Smoky Robinson, Shelia E., Eric Benet and CeeLo Green; among others to really get the skinny on what this tribute immensely signifies to the community and really, the world.

2019 Grammys Motown Tribute -Smoky Robinson and Stars Discuss Impact

At the Primary Wave bash held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood California, also attended by the beyond talented Fantasia; we found our opportunity to ask away. Scroll to check out our exclusive video!

As one can see, Motown was THE record label to break black artists and musicians into the “mainstream” arena. Their glamour, image and unforgettable songs influenced numerous acts; from all genres even right down to this day.

While most are not thrilled with how the 2019 Grammys Motown tribute was put together. One thing is for certain… Motown should of BEEN recognized and honored for its impact on the music industry and it will never be forgotten by this world. Ever.

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