2016 Hip Hop Honors Lil Kim Tribute

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2016 Hip Hop Honors Lil Kim Tribute

Last night we had to pinch ourselves and ask, “What year is it?” The 2016 Hip Hop Honors Lil Kim Tribute had us feeling like we entered a time machine and came out into the 90s. We waved to Biggie and then continued to take in all the awesomeness. Did you catch the performance?

2016 Hip Honors Lil Kim Tribute

All hail the Queen! As Puffy aka P.Diddy put it, Lil Kim is the original Queen Bee. Lil Kim will always be known for her style, risky lyrics and high energy performances.

Teyona Taylor and Lil Mama killed it! Not only did they have Kim’s iconic style down pack but they also perfectly reflected her on stage mannerisms. Instead of a tribute we thought we were just watching Kim getting it.

We are happy that VH1 released the performances online because Youtube has not been blessed yet. Every version online right now has a with the homie watching at the crib vibe (LOL!). Nevertheless if you missed all the action check it out loves:

Performance Deets: Lil Mama, Teyana Taylor, French Montana and The Lox tribute Lil’ Kim with performances of her hits ‘Crush On You,’ ‘No Time’ and ‘All About The Benjamins.’

Final Thoughts on 2016 Hip Hop Honors Lil Kim Tribute

To us this tribute showed how underrated Teyona Taylor and Lil Mama are in the music industry. Both have immense talent and stage presence that you can’t teach. You either have it or you don’t.

If the future of hip hop rested on the shoulders of these two ladies we would say things are going to be just fine. We hope Teyona and Mama get the push they need soon. We were entertained and that’s rare these days.

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