2016 Black Hair Trends By Angela Bassett

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2016 Black Hair Trends By Angela Bassett

We all have heard the expression, “I get better with age.” No woman has proven that more than Angela Bassett! Throughout the years Bassett has changed up her style and her beauty has never faded. From head-to-toe she has and will always be a knockout. So far this year Angela has continued to slay the red carpet. Here are a few 2016 black hair trends we spotted on Angela.

2016 Black Hair Trends By Angela Bassett2

2016 Black Hair Trends #1– At the BAFTA awards Bassett put ladies half her age to shame in a stunning pink gown accompanied with shoulder length tresses cut bluntly.

2016 Black Hair Trends By Angela Bassett3

2016 Black Hair Trends #2– For the 68th Annual Directors Guild of America event Bassett served up some fierceness in a LBD. Moreover, her chic hair was pulled into a sleek low ponytail with side part.

2016 Black Hair Trends By Angela Bassett4

2016 Black Hair Trends #3– London Has Fallen press events are underway and Angela Bassett continues to flaunt her fashion influence in a white suit. Nothing says sexy with a side of power like a nice precision cut. Bassett took her locks a little shorter with a stunning bob haircut.

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