2016 Black Hair Trend: Sleek Braids

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2016 Black Hair Trend: Sleek Braids

Looking fabulous and growing your hair in 2016 has never been easier! If your hair is your crown of glory all you need to do is indulge in a sleek 2016 black hair trend to look effortlessly stylish. Recently, one major style was spotted on three glamorous starlets: Zendaya, Tika Sumpter and Aja King.

Zendaya, Tika Sumpter and Aja King enjoyed a luncheon together hosted by Zendaya herself and Glamour mag. The dynamic trio all wore the 2016 black hair trend gorgeously and as if they had sent out a memo to each other first! Whether by intention or not all stunning ladies came rocking sleek braids.

In the past braided trends included a looser feel. However, 2016 braids are all about precision. Neat and sleek execution is what’s trending.

2016 Black Hair Trend: Sleek Braids2

Moreover, braids can be tailored and altered to fit various couture looks as well as personal taste flawlessly. We loved the halo crown variations just as much as Zendaya’s cornrows. Nevertheless, if longer hair is your end hair game then this trend is the way to go!

Will this 2016 black hair trend really aid in achieving hair growth? The word “aid” is truly the answer to this popular question. Braids are excellent for hair retention. Your hair is growing at a steady rate but you may not see much growth due to hair damage factors. Hair breakage from styling or split ends for instance can cause strands to become shorter. Thus making tresses seem as though your hair is literally not growing at all.

Braids are a “protective style” because they allow hair to be protected from elements that could cause harm such as too much heat styling with a hot curler. This protection provided by braids allows hair to grow safely while maintaining length. A true win for any girl with Repunzel ambitions.

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