2016 Barbie Boasts 3 New Body Types

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2016 Barbie Boasts 3 New Body Types

After 57 years Mattel’s Barbie doll has undergone a major body transformation. For years, complaints have been made in regards to Barbie’s non-realistic body shape which by many thought to have been the cause of negative self image among young girls. Perfect hips, bust, face, thigh gap, and an extremely tiny waist is what little girls have come to see and relate Barbie to on the daily. However, now young ladies will be able to play with Barbies with “real bodies.”

Mattel took to Twitter to announce its release of three new body types: curvy, petite and tall. Moreover, dolls will also come in a variety of different shades and skin tones to reflect even more diversity. Nevertheless, if classic Barbie is what you prefer do not fret, because the original Barbie will continue to be sold as well. In the coming months it will be very interesting to see if classic or revamped Barbie sales more than the other.

2016 Barbie Boasts 3 New Body Types2

Besides, negative imagery are there any other reasons Mattel felt the need to make such drastic changes? Well, sales may have a big part in this body shape decision. Since 2012 Mattel has experienced a decline in sales and as of 2014 were edged out by Lego as the number one toy company in the world. Then there’s the Disney princess dolls which are now under Hasbro and making some serious bank. Disney princess Elsa doll is the most sold doll among young girls and it has been reported that in total Mattel has lost half a billion dollars in revenue due to losing the Disney princesses.

Nonetheless, regardless of the reasons behind the new dolls the fact remains there is a lot of good that can be achieved from such changes. Confidence and positive self esteem are just two of them. Be sure to check out the new dolls and don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions with us!

2016 Barbie Boasts 3 New Body Types3