2015 Summer Hair: Low Ponytail

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2015 summer hair low ponytail

Sleek, low ponytails are an easy and trendy hairstyle to look great during the summer heat. Attain the super slick back look with the help of a pomade or edge control product. Nevertheless, ponytails can also do a number on your strands if you do not take proper precautions? How can you protect your hair while sporting this hair trend?

When tying your hair back their are two things you can do to help prevent or minimize the possibility of breakage:

1. Always use elastics that are covered with cotton or silk materials. Elastics made from rubber, plastic or metals can snap hair.

2. Before fashioning your hair into a ponytail first spritz hair with a light silicone spray to encourage strands to glide against the hair ties which will in turn prevent splitting.