2015 Summer Hair: Cornrows

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2015 Summer Hair Cornrows4

We are always down for hairstyles that are trendy, modern and most importantly…EASY! Braids are excellent for incorporating extra drama into all of your favorite styles. Numerous runway shows showcased models with hair fashioned with cornrows of chic creative design. Keep scrolling to see some of our top runway looks!

2015 Summer Hair Cornrows

Create a slight braid mohawk while keeping sides smooth sleek. Can you say FIRE?!

2015 Summer Hair Cornrows2

Voluminous cornrows truly makes your hair a crown of glory!

2015 Summer Hair Cornrows3

Remember at the schoolyard and all the boys thought you were cute? Well, that style still plays.

2015 Summer Hair Cornrows5

Who needs a middle part? Break the rules and form a braid right down the center instead.

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