2 Black Girls Rock Quotes To Never Forget

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2 Black Girls Rock Quotes To Never Forget

To quote a movie (Catch Me If You Can), “Two small mice fell into a bucket of cream. The first one quickly gave up. The second churned that butter into cream and walked out.” The lesson? Regardless of any circumstances never ever give up because you can turn things around into your favor. How does this illustration apply in our community? Simple, history does not need to dictate or be an indicator of the future of young black girls no matter where they live or by what their ancestors faced. Black girls around the world are coming together like never before to bring about change. Black Girls Rock celebrates the accomplishments of women of color as well as encourages youthful souls to rise to success too. There was much to be proud of and take away from this year’s Black Girls Rock show that could instill confidence and faith in oneself. Here are two celebrity quotes that we should never forget.

2 Black Girls Rock Quotes To Never Forget 2

“You are what the world is waiting for. Whether the world acknowledges that or not. No one can do what you can do or contribute what you are destined and designed to contribute.”

-Danai Gurira

2 Black Girls Rock Quotes To Never Forget 3

“The minute you learn to love yourself, you won’t want to be anyone else.”


Rihanna and Danai put it so well. Believe in yourself always and love yourself. Do so even if others do not want to see your greatness or try to break you of what makes you amazing. Do not allow them.

It is time for us to keep moving forward. To keep showing our talents in entertainment, sports and business. Let’s keep inventing, investing in ourselves and starting companies. You are never too young and never too old to get going. Let’s support, cheer and continue to champion each other, because in the end our success lies within our unbreakable unity and that in itself rocks!

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