1966 Beauty Pick: ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation

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ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation

Face starting to resemble a cake? So beat you are looking a decade older than what your license reads? We feel you, now days heavy makeup is extremely trendy. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t feel weighed down if you don’t want to be. Enter a new lightweight solution, the ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation!

1966 Beauty Pick: ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation

ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation2

What is so amazing about Marc Beauty’s foundation? For one it is coverage that the brand boasts will last a full 24 hours. That type of results means less touch-ups. Less touch-ups means less product that gets used up. So then, you are able to save money because you are not constantly needing to restock your supply.

Second, the formula itself is ultra-lightweight. Now most girls tend to shy away from lightweight foundations. Many feel that the color may not be as strong or the coverage will be to light to even notice. However, Mark Jacobs has addressed all of those issues.

You will be able to achieve a look that it simply perfection in just three simple steps. All you have to do is shake the bottle, dot on the foundation then blend. The foundation’s design includes a nifty dot applicator to make application a cinch. The Pros recommend one to two dots for sheer to natural coverage or three to four dots for natural to full coverage.

ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation3

ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation

There are a plethora of other reasons as to why you should add this foundation to your beauty bag. Marc Beauty laid out a few more incentives. MB said, “Fresh and flawless: ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation has a revolutionary oil free formula containing twice as much pigment as other leading full coverage foundations. Jobaba, sunflower, acacia and mimosa extracts improve blend-ability. While a patented golden mica formula delivers superior radiance for immediate, effortless blending and a smooth, soft matte finish. Simply shake, dot and blend for perfection so unprecedented, its ReMarcable.”

ReMarcable Full Cover Foundation5

Application Tip: Glow up! For a flawless, glowing complexion, prime skin with Marc Beauty’s Under(cover) Coconut Primer and follow with ReMarcable Foundation.

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