1966 Beauty Pick: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

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If you have ever stood in the beauty aisle looking for the perfect lip shade and come up wanting, your world is about to be changed forever. Actually, all beauty prayers are about to be answered! No more hoping for the right color that not only looks bomb but works for our skin tones. Now we can actually just make it our darn selves. How’s that for makeup empowerment? Introducing our 1966 Beauty Pick the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette.

1966 Beauty Pick: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

To get the full details on this amazing product we went straight to the source. The designer of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette had this to say:

“This lip palette is a labor love. Three full years, to create what I find to be an impossible task. A full coverage matte lipstick in a pan. It’s not an easy task as materials don’t behave the same way once poured, but I can finally say I achieved it.

I kept the color selection wearable to ensure that the palette is ready to go the minute you open it or if you don’t fell like mixing shades yourself. Additionally, I threw in primaries to provide artists endless possibilities. We have 46 custom colors created on video thus far.

[Moreover] I tried to choose wearable colors that resonate with the ABH consumer and are preferred often on set from what I’ve noticed. By offering variety with primaries already, it was important to not get lost in ‘concept.’ [Consequently] risk alienating the consumer that doesn’t want the anxiety of creating her or his own shades.”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

So then, its nice to know that this palette is for everyone. The professional as well as non-professional. Also, if getting creative is not your bag or you simply just don’t have time this product will still work. Nevertheless, how does the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Paletter enable such an “universal” appeal? Norvina answers:

“This is where the 13 non primary shades [come] in. Plenty of neutrals to choose from and some pops. The primary shades allow the consumer to adjust the deepness and tone of any of these shades. To make it just the way you like.

The attributes that make this palette valuable to professionals and consumers is the color selection and price. 13 ready to go matte lipsticks for $48 is not a bad look. [Moreover] the best part is that you have 36+ shades available to you that you can’t even see looking at the palette.”

Efficient, affordable, brilliant and completely customable! Never settle for not having the lip tones you truly desire. Furthermore, don’t wait, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette is available now online! Also, if you rather wait to get this awesome ABH product in stores it will be available at retailers such as Sephora in March.

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