100 Years of Black Beauty Under a Minute!

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100 Years of Black Beauty Under a Minute

If we are going to develop whip lash it might as well be in the name of beauty. Can you imagine what you could see after 100 years have passed? No doubt fashions and styles would have changed numerous times as well as trends. Cut.com’s new video, “100 Years of Beauty: Marshay” is a time lapse film featuring popular black female hairstyles and beauty looks spanning from 1910 to 2010. Director Michael Gaston and editor Blaine Ludy revealed that the 59-second video took three completely separate shoots to complete. This video is fitting with Black History month being just around the corner so it’s cool to see a quick review of our striking appearance. Let’s continue to let our intelligence, sophistication as well as beauty continue to shine brightly for the next 100 years and beyond.