#1 Mistake When Growing Black Hair With Wigs

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#1 Mistake Growing Black Hair With a Wig

Arianne’s (right) hair growth after 7 months 

For thousands of years women have sought to have hair that can be truly deemed as a “crown of glory.” Women have tried natural remedies and have even attempted more unconventional methods in order to lengthen their strands. For instance, in ancient Egypt the fat from hippos, snakes and crocs were applied to the scalp in hopes of encouraging hair growth. Cleopatra is also of said to have recommended an concoction of ground up mice, bear grease and horse teeth.

Now before you go laying mouse traps it should be noted that Cleopatra’s suggestion didn’t work so well and her lover Caesar turned to fashion to hide his receding hairline. You may recall this prominent figure wearing a hair wreath and now you know why.

This just goes to show that hair growth has been an important issue for centuries and women as well as men are willing to try anything to attain length. One method that is used frequently in more modern times is growing out hair by wearing a wig. I personally have used this method and with much success. My hair went from damaged and above my shoulders to healthy as well as to the middle of my back.

#1 Mistake Growing Black Hair With a Wig

My natural hair after I stopped wearing wigs

Growing hair by wearing a wig was successful for me because it allowed my hair to “breathe.” We do some much to our hair via heating tools, rollers, you name it that sometimes it can be beneficial to give your hair a little vacation from all of those contraptions. I have found that by wearing wigs especially if it matches my natural texture, I can reduce the amount of heat used on my hair and encourage it to grow faster. In my experience I have found that the more I just leave my hair alone the more growth I achieve. Therefore, it is no wonder why women have flocked to get braids or sew-ins to grow their hair. Such styles allow locks to grow in a controlled and protected atmosphere.

However, there is one mistake that can completely blow the wig technique that will actually have you losing hair instead of growing it. I know because I made this same error and I would like to help you avoid it. Whatever you do at all cost, DO NOT FORGET to care for your hair underneath your wig.

Now I’m sure you are thinking but Arianne that’s it, that is so simple! Yes, it is but it is something that often goes to the wayside due to the ease and simplicity of wearing a wig. Wearing a wig will have your hair styled and ready to go in minutes or less with you out the door.

For example, for blending reasons I prefer to wear half wigs because I believe it gives you a more natural look since part of your own hair is visible. This also gives you more versatility to change up part position and your hairstyle in general. When I was wearing wigs I would part my hair leaving some out near my crown while pulling the rest back into a bun. I’d then slide on my wig and get on with my day. A process that took five minutes tops even on a bad day.

When I originally grew my hair out I was like a well-trained military general. I was militant about applying leave-in conditioner plus a hair oil every single day. Or I would wet my hair to add moisture then apply my Mane N’ Tail conditioner to keep my strands well-nourished. I would do deep conditioning treatments as well as hot oil treatments and scalp massage. The result? My hair grew several inches in mere months.

The problems came when after I achieved my desired length I became quite laxed in my hair routine. I wasn’t so consistent and eventually my lack of care began to show. I lost literally palmful chunks of my hair and I also experienced my fair share of shedding. My tresses also became dull in appearance with the development of split ends.

Therefore, what is the hair lesson to take away from my hair growth experience? Whether you are wearing extensions or wigs always continue to give proper care to your own natural hair. Moreover, once you achieve your desired length continue to keep up the good hair practices that got you there. As I have learned the hard way, hair journeys are never ending and if you deviate off the right path you  can suffer some bad consequences. So then, stay focused because your hair will either reward you or punish you for the way you treat it.

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